Keeping employers and employees connected during the return to work process

A contributing factor to delayed return to work is the injured employee losing connection with the workplace during their recovery. Return To Work Connections helps employers to understand how to keep this connection. It not only can improve recovery after a workplace injury but boost morale within the workforce.

Connecting business to best practice return to work

If your business has a return to work program based on best practice then your employees are most likely to return to work sooner. This has the potential effect of reducing claims cost and in turn premiums. Return To Work Connections can advise you on how to implement best practice return to work to ensure that claims costs are minimised and your employees are looked after during their recovery.

Enhancing wellbeing and motivation during return to work

Return To Work Connections has a unique approach that involves enhancing intrinsic motivation for injured employees during the return to work process. This in turn promotes wellbeing. It involves ensuring three important needs are met which in turn promote growth and wellbeing. This is turn increase intrinsic motivation which helps facilitate improved return to work.

Navigating the Claims Process

The claims process can be quite intimidating and difficult for both employers and employees to navigate. With over a decade’s experience in the NSW worker compensation scheme Return To Work Connections has extensive experience of how the claims process works. We can help both you and your employee understand the process but also how to work with the case management framework for successful return to work.

The Right Provider

At times during the return to work process there will be the need to refer to a rehabilitation provider, psychologist, exercise physiologist and other third party/treating providers. Return To Work Connections has a network of trusted providers to make sure that there is continuity of best practice return to work and can help facilitate the referral with the insurer.